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Re: How's everybody doin'?

We have been talking via FaceTime and Google Duo, but he just doesn’t understand “the virus”. We’ve trie explaining, but he just doesn’t understand why he can’t come home. Plus, the programs for all individuals with intellectual disabilities have closed all their day programs, so the individuals are staying home (in their Group homes) all day. So no going out, eating at restaurants, bowling, etc.

It is heartbreaking when I call him, he’s very despondent and will intermittently cry. They have started him on an antidepressant, which may be helping a little, but the only real “fix” will be when the Covid 19 situation improves and we can resume bringing him home every weekend. Fortunately, he’s got some real good staff at the Group Home, and we talk at least 3-5 times/ week.

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