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NRZ doubles dividend for Qtr

NRZ announced a dividend of $0.10/Qtr [$1.20/Yr] yesterday. This is double from $0.05/Qtr $0.20/Yr announced on 3/31 previously. Current Book value reported on 5/22 was 10.71....

 Looking at my analysis numb3rs:

Current "abbreviated" analysis data on NRZ [sole opinion]:

1... Report Card Grade: 73 [0-100 rating system] ... improving

2...Power Rating: 71 [must be higher than RptCard grade for any further buy consideration] ... improving

3... Star Rating: Positive 5star [0-10star reference with 10 being the max]

4... !3-wk Star Rating: Positive 7.29 stars

5... MktPrc: 7.41 [COB Monday]

6... Last average weeks market activity on MktPrc: -0.10 [investors have been selling]

7... Dividend: 16.19% for new buyers [$0.10/Month ... $1.20/Yr] ... x-div 7/2 ... Pay 7/31

8... Insider buying: 5/29 3,600sh @ 7.31

9... Rf [risk factor for holding in one's portfolio]: Positive +0.735 [+0 to +1.000 range for analysis evaluation]

10.. NAV: 10.71 [Last reported 5/22] ...

11... Discount: +1.44 [Very] Positive for current investors

12... Total analysis numb3rs: 10.71/1524 [requirement is 1000/1400 for normal trading range]

13... NRZ used to have a $0.50/Qtr [$2.00/Yr div] before the market correction. Their current 52wk trading range used to be 4.36 to 17.66. NRZ is rebuilding their portfolio as well as their dividend. Interesting security for patient income investors. 

Disclosure: Adding additional shares to current holdings today and dollar cost averaging "UP".....

One single opinion of the many I am sure....

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