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Why is Stock Picks no longer a forum?

What happened to Stock Picks?  I can no longer find it in the new format.

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Re: Why is Stock Picks no longer a forum?

@Oldrookie . Rather than asking why it isn't there, why not formulate why it should be there. IMO, a better name than "Stock Picks" can be found. Many posts in that forum weren't really picks but discussed some important current news related to stocks and some recent examples were Apple, Boeing, Intel, Tesla, GE, Wabtec, etc. So, the name may be just "Stocks" or "Stock Investing". And you may post your request on this thread - there you can see that some old forums were added upon requests.

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Re: Why is Stock Picks no longer a forum?

I agree, they should have it (or a similar forum) for us to discuss individual stocks. This new format has potential, but they need to listen to the users in order to allow it to reach it’s full potential. 

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Re: Why is Stock Picks no longer a forum?

Hi all, we now have a Stocks forum.


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