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Hi all,

I have been looking to find a thorough and sensible investing strategy since ever I first bought some shares of public companies back in 1998.

A few words about me: I am an investment professional with almost 20 years experience in capital markets. More about me here: About Me

It took me almost that long to build a cohesive attitude towards wise long-term investing i called SmartInvestingApproach (SIA):

Major requirements I looked for a portfolio to fulfill was:

* balanced portfolio giving exposure both to the world’s best growth and safety at a time (reached via constant exposure to 4 basic asset classes with zero to negative correlation: equities, bonds, gold, cash),

* minimalization of big capital drawdowns, which are most destructive (via flexible allocations to most risky assets (equities) based on a highly effective, but easy to comprehend macroeconomic forecasting model with a long and backtested history - model finally used: Enhanced Aggregate Spread by Dr. Robert Dieli, which has a 80–90% 9-month lead predicitve power). model fully presented here:

* stock picking aimed at chosing the best (shareholder value growth)/risk ratio. see SIAScore on my blog:

I invite you to join me at Home where I run a blog on what I call #SmartInvestingApproach - a long-term investing philosophy based on adjusting allocations between asset classes to the phase of the economic cycle.

On my site I also run two exemplary portfolios called Global Leaders Portfolio (GLP):

and Pension Portfolio (PP):

,which depict the SmartInvestingApproach. 20year+ backtesting shows a min 9% CAGR with very low downside risk (in PP version, more CAGR expected in GLP):

Let's stay in touch. I am open to questions and cooperation.

Best regards,

Pawel Cylkowski

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