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I want to start working as a trader!

Hi, everybody! Being at home during quarantine I started thinking more and more about remote work. Due to stock fluctuations, I thought to learn more about the profession of a trader. Starting to understand, I saw a huge number of trading platforms. Can you please tell your friends what platform to start from? I found some positive feedback about IQ Option online. They say it's the best platform for beginners...

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Re: I want to start working as a trader!

Unsolicited advice, but don't.  Trading is addictive like gambling and cocaine, and many, maybe most day traders have lost money they could not afford to lose.  Odds are, you will lose money.

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Re: I want to start working as a trader!

As investors in the stock market time is our greatest ally. With time the stock market will make you money. If you trade in and out all the time you lose time as an ally. Just my two cents.


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