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Opera browser with free VPN

Last week I saw this and decided to install Opera with VPN(link) and tried it.

Why VPN? for extra security when I surf outside my home using my laptop +  wifi connection when I'm on vacation.  Otherwise, I use my cell phone without using a local wifi.  

The main complaint against Opera with VPN was too slow.  See one example(link).  I checked the speed at home on my laptop and the numbers were lower but I didn't notice it's slower.  I don't care about the browser on my cell phone.

Chrome920 Mbps940 Mbps
FF920 Mbps940 Mbps
Opera+VPN610 Mbps150 Mbps


The usual, do your own due diligence.

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Re: Opera browser with free VPN

Used opera w/ VPN for a while on my Mac.  It's "free" for a reason--Opera's partners are still collecting your data and it's more like a proxy than tor.

I actually wasn't too disturbed by that since it was still better than everybody tracking me--but I've since gravitated away from Opera and towards Brave.  Brave has a built-in tor browser if needed and is MUCH less an energy hog than Opera.  Opera would cut down my battery time by at least a third, at least on a MacBook.


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