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NFL Conference Championships

Well, I lost a case of Guiness to the SEA loss. Bummer. I fully expected Wilson to kick it into high gear in the second half...which he DID....but alas, not quite enough. GBs win was well deserved, though.

So AFC next Sunday will have "Terrible" Titans at KC. Football Power Index is giving KC a 8.9pt advantage

NFC playoff next Sunday will see GBP at SF 49ers, giving SF a 7.6pt advantage.

Just curious, are Aaron and Danica still a hot number? Haven't seen her around, as usually the camera finds her up in their box. If so, I wonder if she drives him to the games?


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Re: NFL Conference Championships


Does buying a $28 Million house in Malibu count as a relationship?  :-)


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Re: NFL Conference Championships

Someday the Seahawks will figure out that digging a big hole in the first half and THEN having Wilson pull them out of it is not optimal. Although on the bright side they finally figured out how to hand the friggin' ball to Marshawn on the 1 yard line albeit 5 years too late.

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Re: NFL Conference Championships

Pudman: HA! So true. Although sending him up the middle three straight times for eight yards and then punting early in the first half gave me a sinking feeling about the game plan.

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Re: NFL Conference Championships

Packers covered the 4 point spread.  


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