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EU set to ban American travelers

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Re: EU set to ban American travelers

Up until a year ago I've always had a love-hate relationship with the USA. Last year it became pure love. The people who work in the Berlemont building decided to overdose on stupid pills.

The EU is a treaty disguised as an empire. I predict it will be gone inside 5 years. 

China is a mess also. I believe it will split into 7 countries; USSR-style. When? The sooner the better.

And my favotite large country? The USA? Externally it's practically indestructible. It IS the indispensable country. It needs no one. It is needed by everyone.

Internally it looks very shaky. Its having another civil war. Which officially started on May 25 2020. The pressure cooker finally exploded. 

The communist coup d' etat being attempted by desperate CCP-backed useful idiots should end in the usual American way described by Winston Churchill. 

"America can always be counted on to do the right thing. After it tries everything else."





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