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DirecTV and closed captioning

For years the closed captioning on my DirecTV skips almost every other line which makes viewing and understanding very difficult.   A google search has shown this problem has existed at least as far back as 2015 with some respondents actually filing a complaint with the FCC. I have tried the fixes suggested and none seems to work.  Have any of you also experienced this problem and were you able to resolve it?

Please! I am not interested in getting off-topic and hearing about alternatives to DirecTV. There are some offerings that are not available elsewhere as a package that I have been told we must be able to get. 

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Re: DirecTV and closed captioning

Hi @WillieB1 ,

I access Direct TV with ROKU, and I set the closed captioning in ROKU. That way it works whenever it is available no matter which channel or provider I am using.

Could this have something to do with your connection speed? Are you accessing the internet via cable or satellite? Is your router wireless, or do you connect with a cable?

My direct tv has a voice out-of-sync issue that can come up if I rewind a taped program.  I have to restart ROKU in settings / system / restart router whenever this happens.  It is annoying.

Another problem with recorded video playback is when commercials try to load.  Sometimes there is either no commercial to load, or it gets goofed up somehow and locks up.  I have to restart Direct TV when this happens, and sometimes I have to start the movie from the beginning because fast forward through commercials is disabled.

Hopefully, they will get that fixed.

Meanwhile, Netlfix, Amazon, HULU, SLING, Apple TV, and ROKU premium are coming on strong if Direct TV cannot solve its technical issues.



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