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Redisigned M* Website

The redesign of the website removed key features for me.  I recently renewed my premium subscription to give me a little time to see if I can work around them and/or find another site that will better serve my needs.

1.  I use Morningstar primarily for data from the Key Ratios and Financial links.  It is very important to me that Morningstar continue to make these available for downloads AND maintain the consistent format.  I spent a great deal of time writing Excel spreadsheets to analyze the data but they depend upon the downloads keeping a consistent format.   At this time the Key Ratios sheet is still good even though the new design makes it slower to get there.  The financial data formats were changed but seem to be drifting back to the old formats.  In the interim I am able to use links to the old sheets that I kept and which are no longer available on the new website pages.  If it becomes impossible/very difficult to access the data in the old format I will no longer need to maintain my premium membership.  It will require a lot of reprogramming to accept the new formats and I would rather look for another source that will keep consistent formats before I start reprogramming.

2.  The holdings for ETFs are no longer downloadable and my old link will not work.  This is Strike 1.

3.  The new pages are so cluttered with graphics and info that I do not use that the site has become much harder to navigate.  Strike 2.

The items discussed in topic 1 are the pending final strike.  If M* fails to make that data available it is Strike 3 for me and M* will no longer be a resource for which a premium membership provides value to me.  There are too many other free sources of OPINIONS available through my brokerage accounts.

This is not meant to be a threat to M* - they will get along without my membership quite easily.  It is simply a customer stating that M*no longer sells a product that I want to buy therefore I will not.  Life is full of products like that for me.

Hopefully M* will preserve access to the "old data and formats."

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Re: Redisigned M* Website

I agree M/S has gone down hill for the past 2 yrs. is no longer worth paying for, several options available.   TERRY

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Re: Redisigned M* Website

Agree on morningstar decline.  As for other options, I'm a MFO premium member, please share "several options" that you find are worth using, both paid and free.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Redisigned M* Website

I use Morningstar to look at their most recent articles on stocks, funds, etf's, etc.  The newest design of the home page is more snazzy, but it makes it harder to tell what are today's new articles versus those that have been there for a couple days, for a week, for a month, etc.  It is requiring extra work from me to use the site.

How about developing some system to highlight today's new articles?  Like an asterisk after the title, or putting the writer's name in bold or in italics, etc (though those solutions would require removing the asterisk or putting their name back in regular font the next day).  

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Re: Redisigned M* Website

The current Ms cite comes close to useless. I very rarely use it and wouldn't pay for it but it is covered by funds invested at T Rowe Price.

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Re: Redisigned M* Website


         "Agree on morningstar decline. As for other options, I'm a MFO premium member, please share "several options" that you find are worth using, both paid and free. Thanks in advance."


Ditto.  Do any fellow M* Premium members have experience with using Yahoo Finance (basic or premium) or other services?

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Re: Redisigned M* Website

I agree the website has been partially disabled

I am disgusted that M* sells my key strokes to Facebook and other non-financial entities. Some of the features in M* don't work right unless ALL cookies are accepted including third party cookies. The new permission notice is a wooden horse because it authorizes all cookies to be sold to be set by M*. I am paying for this service and now my data is sold to Facebook (and the Russians and Chinese and alt right groups and the KKK)


Not only do I object to M* selling my data to facebook,I object to M* dumbing down the website search capabilities.

M* sliminess on their website search engine is carring over to their investment advice.  Each article is a silo. A general description not a quote of the type of article. One might strongly recommend a stock with a FMV of 1.11 and debt 2X .  The next article would show from their rating that watch out for stocks trading above FMV. It seems as if the interns are writing how to use the search features and pretending it is investing advice.


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