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Viewing Index Returns

Viewing Index Returns

You might see returns for indexes appear blank or dashed out on the Cloud platform. To view return data for indexes in your list or screen, you can edit the Return data point. Do the following:

  1. From the Grid View worksheet, click the Column Set drop-down field and select Edit. The Column Set Management window opens.


  2. In the Search for data points field, search for return.
  3. Click the Return data point to add it to the column set.
  4. Select the time period you want to use. The data point is added to the bottom of the window.


  5. In the Your Current Data Point Columns area, scroll to the right and click Edit to edit the Total Return data point.


  6. Click the Return Type drop-down field and select Primary, then click OK.


  7. At the top of the Column Set Management window, click Done. The Grid View refreshes. You should now see data for any indexes in your list or screen in the Primary Return column.
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