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Using the Client Web Portal Overview Page

Using the Client Web Portal Overview Page

Upon logging in to the Client Web Portal, you are brought to the Overview page. This page acts as your dashboard, providing high-level information at a glance from other pages within the CWP. To view additional information, click the View More icon within the upper right corner of each component. 


Begin by reviewing the total balance within the clients portfolio. Underneath, you find
three components containing the following information:

This component... Contains this information...
Your Annual Investment Performance

Investment information including the following:

  • Investment Gains
  • Returns
  • Additions
  • Withdrawals, and
  • Top five holdings

Note: You must enable these data points
within the Client Web Portal Setup
window in order for them to appear.

Your Investment Accounts Account balances for each underlying account
within your clients’ portfolio
Files for You Links to folders and documents most recently
posted by you.


For more information, see the Client Web Portal guide.

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