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Excluding a security from performance calculations in Office Cloud

Excluding a security from performance calculations in Office Cloud

In addition to excluding accounts from the client aggregate, you can also exclude individual securities from performance calculations. To exclude securities from performance calculations from the Clients & Accounts page, do the following:

  1. From the Menu, select Clients & Accounts. The Client & Accounts page opens.


  2. From the list on the left, click the carat next to a client that contains a transactional account.
  3. Hover the cursor over the transactional account you want to exclude.
  4. From the Transactional Account Actions drop-down menu, select Exclude holdings from account. The Exclude Holdings window opens.


  5. In the Search All Holdings field, type a security you want to exclude.
  6. From the options listed, click the name of the security.


  7. Confirm the Excluded From Performance Data box is checked.
  8. Click Save.


For more information on client accounts, see the Working with Clients and Accounts guide in Morningstar Office Academy.

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