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Creating Morningstar Manager Research Alerts in Research Portal

Creating Morningstar Manager Research Alerts in Research Portal

Setting up Morningstar Manager Research email alerts and notifications makes it possible to find out about the Morningstar research you need, when you need it. You can set email notifications that are triggered as soon as a research report or article is published, or you can get daily or weekly email digests. In addition, for easy access to all your alerts, you can find them archived on a single page within the Research Portal.

7.jpgA sample alert notification email


You can easily manage your alerts and notification preferences in the Research Portal or in the Alerts app. Learn how to manage other alerts, such as fund manager changes, category changes or rating changes. You can also receive notifications inside the Research Portal by following our research Topics, Publications or even individual analysts.

To create or manage your existing Morningstar Manager Research Alerts from the Research Portal, do the following:

  1. Hover over the Menu, then select Alerts. The Alerts page opens.
  2. On the Alerts page, click Manage Alerts. The Manage Alerts panel opens.


  3. Click the Add Alerts button.
  4. Click in the search field and enter the name of a security or list you want to monitor. Results appear as you type.
  5. Click the name of a security or list to select it. The security or list appears below the search field.

    Note:  With the exception of fund analyst reports and notes, Manager Research alerts are share class ticker-specific. To help ensure you receive alerts on articles and commentary from,  it’s recommended that in addition to the share class you need for business purposes, you set alerts for “Individual” share classes whenever possible, rather than institutional or retirement share classes.


  6. Click the delivery and frequency options for the selected lists and/or securities. If you want to receive notifications via email, select Email. To receive an alert notification as soon as the information is published, select Immediately to receive only one notification a day (which may include multiple alerts), leave Daily selected. To receive only one notification a week (which may include multiple alerts), select Weekly.

    Note: When the daily or weekly email is sent, it will appear to come from either Morningstar Direct Notifications ( or Morningstar Office Notifications (, depending on your subscription. Daily notifications are sent at 6 a.m. (Chicago time) and only when one or more alerts have been triggered in the previous 24 hours. Weekly notifications are sent on Thursdays at 10 a.m. (Chicago time) and only when one or more alerts have been triggered in the previous seven days. Weekly delivery is available only when you select Email.

  7. Click Save. A message opens, notifying you that the alert has been saved.

    Note: The In Office/Direct box is checked by default, meaning you will be notified via the Notifications icon when an alert is triggered. You can un-check the In Office/Direct box if you do not wish to receive alert notifications within the web-based versionf of Office or Direct.

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