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Accessing Fixed-Income Calculated Data in the Allocation Component

Accessing Fixed-Income Calculated Data in the Allocation Component

To better evaluate the portfolios of fixed-income funds, you can now view calculated data in addition to surveyed data. The Morningstar Global Multi-Asset Risk Model is available in all risk model-related components in both Investment and Portfolio workbooks. The following new data points are available as Groupings in the Allocation and Historical Allocation components:

  • Credit Rating (Calculated)
  • Effective Duration (Calculated)
  • Effective Maturity (Calculated)
  • Modified Duration (Calculated), and
  • Yield to Maturity (Calculated).

Do the following:

  1. In an Investment workbook, open a model portfolio or client account containing a fixed-income fund.
  2. Select the Allocation worksheet.
  3. In the Grid, select a fixed-income fund.
  4. Click the Component Settings icon. From the menu, select Grouping.
  5. In the Grouping menu, scroll down to the Fixed Income section and select one of the Calculated groupings.


  6. Click the Component Settings icon to close the menu. The Grouping you selected is displayed in the component. In the illustration below, Credit Ratings (Calculated) is shown.

    fixedincome2.jpgNote: Credit Rating (Calculated) does not currently display Net %.
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