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Upcoming Navigational Enhancements

Product Manager
Product Manager
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Our designers and product managers spend a lot of time making sure your experience within our software is an elegant one. We understand that not only are the quality and depth of our research and data important, but they also need to be easy and intuitive to access and use. One piece of feedback we’ve consistently heard is that the concept of Workbooks is confusing, especially with all the different grids and components that can be mixed together and are sometimes disjointed.

We hear you, and we agree. So in the next few weeks, we will be rolling out a navigational enhancement that eliminates this confusion and simplifies interactions. We’re elevating the grid and column sets so they become the first thing you now see when accessing your lists, screens, and portfolios. We’re bringing the data to you front and center, and we’re giving you control of which analytical components you want to view alongside the grid of data which will now fly into view when summoned.


Before: I view my column sets of data on one tab, and then must switch tabs to view the same column sets alongside visual components.


After: I’m taken right to my list/screen/portfolio and the data is front-and-center. I can now drill down into more detailed analysis by clicking on the item’s name, or by selecting multiple items and hitting the new “Show Analytical View” button.


This brings in the same tabs and components that you’ve previously set up to do more in-depth research.

Your saved objects will remain, but after this enhancement, your interactions will change slightly as described above. This also affords several other benefits:

  • Previously, if you enabled Peer Analysis settings in the grid on one tab, you needed to replicate those settings on all subsequent tabs of the workbook. Now, this only needs to be done once.
  • Previously, any time you went to a different tab within the same workbook, the data reloaded. Now, these reloads aren’t necessary.

If you were to assign a technical description to this update, you might say that we’ve streamlined some information architecture inconsistencies and usability challenges. But what that really means to you is that come next week, your application is now simpler, and easy to use.

Once we make this change, check it out and let us know what you think. And fear not, you don’t need to memorize all of this in advance. We will pop-up a video tutorial when you access these changes for the first time as a refresher on what has changed.