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New upgrades for the desktop edition of Morningstar Direct

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The desktop edition of Morningstar Direct is now at data parity with the web-based edition. No longer do users need to go to the web-based edition of the application to find thousands of calculated fixed-income data points, Active Share scores, a dozen fund-level Carbon Metric data points, company-level ESG values, revenue exposure information at both the region and country level, and more. All of that data is now available in the desktop edition.

Some of the data points brought over from the web edition have been embedded in new data sets, such as 10 new options from the View menu for the calculated fixed-income data. FICalcViews.png

Other data points, such as the fund-level Carbon Metrics, have been included in existing data sets (in that case, Sustainability). Further, users can find this information not just in the Local Databases, Global Databases, Workspace, and Performance Reporting modules, but also in Presentation Studio. Be sure to read the release notes for all of the details.

Presentation Studio also features a number of additional upgrades, including a new Component Location icon, found in the bottom-right corner of the window, to help users find a component among the tiles at the bottom of the window when they are not sure which one was used to create a selected component. A new Workbook template has also been added to demonstrate how selected investments performed during past Virus Outbreak Scenarios. This is found from the Morningstar Templates toggle button.VirusOutbreakScenarios.png



For full details about all of the changes in this latest upgrade, be sure to read the release notes.