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Morningstar Office Cloud – Capabilities Update and Roadmap

Product Manager
Product Manager
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Presentation Studio

The new custom reporting solution for Morningstar OfficeSM Cloud is now live. You can build reports using 12 different components to create custom templates and run reports tailored to your clients’ preferences. Components include asset allocation, account growth, performance and gain/loss. Check out this template, and then create your own. We’re excited to see what you design for your firm in Presentation Studio.PS.png

We welcome your feedback. Expect to see a total of around 25 components by June 25th.

Bulk publish to client web portal

You asked - and we’re pleased to announce that you can now publish reports from Office Cloud to all or a group of your clients. Select multiple and click publish. It’s that easy!



Enhancements to billing capabilities include a flat fee billing method, low balance warning for custodian fee file upload, and the option to update fee settings for multiple clients/accounts at the same time.





What’s coming up in the next couple months?

Billing  – ability to bill your clients in a batch

Presentation Studio – adding 9+ components by June 25th

Current vs. Model Report – new report coming in early July

Security Reclassification – reclassify your user defined securities

Personal Finance Management component – your clients can add their personal accounts via client portal to create a holistic view of their portfolio.


What’s coming up later this year?

Q3 2018:

Billing Phase IV

New capabilities include Billing Management Report, Creating Service Charge, Create a Performance Based Fee Option, and Adding Rolling Period as an option for Payment.

Custodian Cost Basis Data

Office Cloud calculates cost basis from transactions, but you may also choose to accept the cost basis data file from your custodian.

Custom Asset Classes

Use Morningstar’s breakdown of asset classes or create your own custom classes to customize your models and reports.

Fixed Income Data

We are adding coverage (qualitative and quantitative) of Fixed Income data.

Group by Client / Account

Create a group of clients or accounts for reporting purposes.


Q4 2018:

Third Party Integrations

We will enhance our current integrations and develop new ones to support market needs.

Account Opening

Open accounts at select custodians from within Office Cloud (Schwab and Fidelity in Q4, others TBD).


Thanks for the run down Sandeep! 

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What about Creating Groups for Billing Batches & Reports?  I handle the billing for several reps and I need to create Rep Groups to add Clients accounts to for Billing Batches & reports?  I have about 1000 client accounts.     


Christy Jacobs

Product Manager
Product Manager

Hi, @cj-cutterco

Sorry for the delayed response. If I understand your question correctly, you would like to create a batch and generate billing summary report for the batch, is that right? If so, you can already do it today. Just go to the pencil icon once you login and select Batch Schedule and go through the 4 steps. You will select Billing Summary as the report you would like to generate. Attached is a screenshot of how you would create such a batch. 

6-28-2018 2-39-43 PM.jpg

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


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Will Morningstar publish its 2019 roadmap for Office Cloud?
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