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Morningstar Direct for Wealth Management - Roadmap Update

Product Manager
Product Manager
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Morningstar Direct for Wealth Management is built on a cloud-based infrastructure, so you have the latest and best version of it every time you log in.

Having the tools that everyone needs in one platform means you’re spending more time engaging with clients and less time filling in the gaps of your workflow. You can save money by consolidating your technology tools, reduce data security risks, and invest for a sustainable future, all while giving yourself more time for the things that matter most to you.

Our developers work using an Agile methodology, and we ship updates every two weeks which are delivered automatically through the cloud. By following this model, we’re able to avoid the downtime of major upgrade releases. With this system, we’re able to maximize our talents, increase our capacity for innovation, and free up time to continue pursuing our mission of helping investors succeed.
Let's take a look at some of those recent innovations.
Scenario Analysis, a new capability to Morningstar Direct, gives users the ability to understand how a managed investment, model portfolio, or client account would perform if a key macroenomic event, like an oil price rise or GDP decline, were to happen.ScenarioAnalysis.png


ESG product involvement data, available at the portfolio level or holding level, shows users exposures to key areas of interest including alcohol, GMO, nuclear, and small arms.productinvolvement1.png


Portfolio editor allows users to bring in a client account or model portfolio, compare it to a policy then make changes to it by seamlessly pulling in investments from the firms product shelf or approved list. As the user makes changes he or she can view how this change impacts key metrics including asset allocation, performance, and risk.Proposal Scratch Pad.png


What's coming next? dwmroadmap1.png 

  • Proposal generation using Presentation Studio will allow users to bring in their updated model portfolios and client accounts from the portfolio editor module to do a current vs. proposed. 
  • Portfolio optimization will continue to build out our portfolio construction capabilities giving users the ability to set constraints to more effectively fill asset allocation targets, complete a portfolio, or replace a manager
  • Fixed income risk model  will extend the new Morningstar Equity Risk Model to look at the fixed income portion of multi asset strategies or bond strategies. This will include new factors specific to the fixed income space and leverage the risk model visuals we have live today in the product.

Thanks for checking out our roadmap update and please feel free to let us know what other enhancements you would like to see in the product.