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ESG 2018 Wrap Up and the Year Ahead

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We hope you’re off to a great start in 2019!  We wanted to provide an update on the ESG product features released in Q4 and share some exciting initiatives planned for 2019.

Morningstar Cloud:

  • Historical Portfolio Sustainability Score time series chart
    • How? Click on the component library and select the ‘Historical ESG’ component.
    • Why? Helps asset and wealth managers determine consistency of a fund’s sustainability score over time

Blog-historical component.png

  • ESG data in holdings scatterplot:
    • How? Go to portfolio workbook->Holding Analysis component->Go to X/Y data point->select Sustainability data group->Pick up an ESG data point (either Portfolio ESG Score or Portfolio Controversy Score).
    • Why? Allows asset managers and wealth managers to assess visually how a portfolio’s ESG and controversy score contributes to its Sustainability Rating.

Blog - portfolio workbook.png

  • Sustainability worksheet in Portfolio workbook
    • How? Go to portfolio workbook->Sustainability worksheet.
    • Why? Provides a more integrated ESG workflow to help our users access ESG information more easily.
    • See screenshot above.
  • Portfolio Editor expanded to include stock-level ESG data points
    • How? In the Portfolio Editor, select the column set called ‘Sustainability.’ The Company Normalized ESG Score and Company Highest Controversy Level appear at the end of the column set for stocks.
    • Why? Users who are entitled to view Sustainalytics ESG company data may now view ESG stock-level details for model portfolios.
  • Sustainability Ratings are now available as a screen in Investor Pulse.


Direct Desktop:

  • Portfolio carbon and product involvement data has been added to the Excel Add-In to allow users to conduct deeper ESG analysis.
  • Corporate bond ESG details are now available in holdings analysis for users who have access to ESG company data.


What’s Coming in Q1 2019?

Morningstar Cloud:

  • Historical Product Involvement Component: We will have a new component in Cloud that shows a portfolio’s historical product involvement exposures in a characteristics chart:

Blog-prod involv visual.png

  • We are enhancing the Sustainability Ratings Analysis calculations to use the Historical Sustainability Score giving users the ability to calculate Sustainability Ratings that align with our current methodology.

As always, we value your feedback on current capabilities and ideas for future development!