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Coping in the time of COVID-19

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I'm guest posting for my colleague Emilie....

Hello there! 

I hope that everyone is doing as best as they can. The world coming to a screeching halt is something that most people have not experienced in their lifetime, and something that just six weeks ago, no one foresaw.  

With the extra time from not going anywhere, I tried to think about how I could best help Morningstar's clients, my local community, and my family. For my community, I donated to a food pantry to help my neighbors facing food insecurity and supported a GoFundMe by a family-run restaurant group that needed to furlough their workers. For my family, I've started a virtual book club with my mom and grandma. But for my clients, I wasn't sure where I could best add value, so I started out with asking a simple, "how are you? how can I help?"  

What I've heard is a range of people with clients looking to divest their investments to stabilize in the short-term to clients asking them how much they think they should buy right now. To help you support conversations with investorsPercy (my dog) and I kicked off a Morningstar Direct Tip seriesYou can access the first two tips we've filmed below, but please let us know if there are other tips you are looking for, or if you have found one you would like to share! 

Direct Tip 1: Heat Maps for Long-Term Perspective 

Direct Tip 2: Forecasting COVID-19 Risk 

Stay safe and let us know if there are other ways the Morningstar Team can help you.  



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