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Where to invest Rollover $

I have just rolled over $24,545 from a previous employer into my Rollover IRA with Fidelity. I did this to simplify things when I begin taking RMD's in 2020. 

I have saved and invested consistantly over the last 30 years and have accumulated a small nest egg, not nearly enough, but what I could afford. I will have to start RMD's next year and according to the "Retirement Analysis" program on Fidelity's website I cannot be too conservative in my future allocations without running out of $ in later years. Thru the years I have always invested fairly agressively .... so I was thinking of going for a 60/40 allocation in retirement (maybe lower, I am starting to think more cautiously as I get older). The money I just rolled over to Fidelity has gone into my core account which is SPAXX.

My current Rollover IRA is: (48% stock, 36% bonds, 16% short term)

SPAXX   $24,545

FBALX   $55,598

FPURX   $55,871

VWINX  $55,177

Do I keep enough in my core account to make my RMD next year (around $7,500), and invest the remainder of the $24,545 in FBALX, VWINX, or something more aggressive? Or do I reinvest all the $24,545 now and worry about RMD's next year? That money had been invested in a total stock market fund, which was doing well. 

I need to stay in mutual funds or balanced funds, because I don't have the know how to do otherwise. But I do need to make my $ stretch as much as possible, using some common sense.

I also have $52,689 in a Roth IRA. 

Thanks for any opinions for me to consider. It was much easier just keep investing, than it is now that I need to do withdrawls. 


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