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New stock analysis web site in Beta looking for new enrollees... is a new web site that found me a few months ago and asked me to join (free) to help evaluate their site. They provide fundamental stock information as well as stock analysis measures...something I perked right up to as Morningstar has seen fit to discontinue their fundamental stock data, leaving me with Mergent On-Line and the company's 10Q/K. I've used Tikr for a couple of months now and have found their more detailed financial statement data useful, although I've had to point out a couple of errors to them, which they've thanked me for. I've not used other provisions they offer as I'm just interested in the raw reported financial data.

But they contacted me to ask if I knew others who may be interested in joining their Beta, so providing M* doesn't get upset, here is their comment to me...

"If you know of any users that may find significant value in TIKR, please feel free to ask them to send us an email at and we will get them signed up"

Tikr went on to say to mention my name for possible future recruitment bonus...but I'm not interested in that so no need to mention my name. And suffice to say, I'm not taking any kind of pay or benefit for posting this. Just to help others find yet another source of stock analytic data that may help them.