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Professor conducting research on investment strategies

Hi, I'm Dr. Daniel Walters, a professor at INSEAD studying investor decision making. Here's my faculty website: and LinkedIn:

I'm hoping to find investors to participate in a study about investment strategies. The purpose of the study is to examine how new investment strategies can improve returns. I can't share the exact hypothesis as that might invalidate the study, but all participants can receive a full debrief as well as be sent the findings of the study when data collection concludes. Approximately 5-10% of participants will be selected from this initial screening study. Participants who are selected will be given a $500 portfolio of stock investments which you will be allowed to trade for 3 months. At the conclusion of 3 months, you will receive the full value of your investment portfolio. 

The requirements to participate in the study are that you
1. had at least $1,000 in stock market investments in 2018;
2. owned at least 2 stocks in 2018, and;
3. have access to the returns of your investments for 2018.
If you meet these requirements and would be willing to participate, please complete this 3-minute survey with 10 questions:

This research is being conducted for academic purposes and all participation is anonymous.

Thank you for your help in this research! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at

Daniel Walters, PhD

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Re: Professor conducting research on investment strategies

Must I submit my darts and blindfold? Or will photos suffice?



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