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International Dividend Growth indexes

Christine Benz often talks about U.S. dividend growth funds.  I was looking at international dividend growth funds and noticed a wide performance gap between IGRO and VIGI.  Turns out IGRO uses a Morningstar index that seems to weight stocks by total dividend payout (if I'm reading it right) while VIGI uses a Nasdaq index that is cap weighted.  One glaring difference is that Tencent is the top holding in VIGI, but way down the list in IGRO.  Tencent has been increasing its dividend, but it's a tiny dividend.  Another effect of the different indexes is that IGRO has a value tilt while VIGI has a strong growth tilt.  Would love to see this discussed in more detail.  These ETFs only have a 3 year track record so there's not a lot of history to look at.  I chose VIGI because international funds like VFWAX have a value tilt and adding VIGI brings it back closer to neutral, but I really don't know which of these approaches will hold up best in a big down market.  Thoughts?

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