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Weird “error” on K1 for EPD

I couldn’t  download schedule our K1 for EPD this year.   Got a message saying ownership information was wrong.  I had transferred the shares of EPD to my wife last year, so naturally I thought that was the problem.  After 30 minutes on hold and another 45 minutes with the guy on the phone we finally figured out that Fidelity’s records and EPD’s records differed.  According to EPD I had sold 1.9 shares more than I owned and so they would not generate a K1.  the guy on the phone simply changed the number of shares that I sold to reflect that I owned 0 shares.  

I can see lots of outcomes from this.   We could get a bill for the 1.9 shares, We could get a K1 next year to note the “purchase” of 1.9 shares, or hopefully nothing happens.

thought I would share my interesting K1 story 


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