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Re: MLP Index performance

@hankthetank wrote:

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So you invested in MLPL, using dividend capture method on a levered product, but you don't recommend this to others, is this because you don't want to be blamed if someone tries to do this and loses their shirt? Correct, the strategy is based on timing and is often a value losing proposition, and I would never recommend using it. And you acknowledge that you were lucky. Both then and now. But you did post in real time without delay your buys and sells. As did some other members ( 10-12), the only difference was that no one else sold; at least they did not post any selling. But you haven't explained what point of info told you when to get in and when to get out? I bought before the ex-dividend date and sold after the ex-dividend date while waiting for the price to recover after the distribution. How did you even with good know luck when to get out to lock in a profit when others have not who invest in MLPs? What was the difference? The difference being was others bought and held with the hopes that the product would continue to pay out double-digit yield as the price continued to sink. The riskiest time to invest in a levered ETN is when the underlying investment is decreasing in value.



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