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Re: TurboTax Premier free on Fidelity

Hi jurymaker,
Just wondering...what's Private Client Group status PCG means & what it takes ?
Any advantages of service-wise or Representative access or additional benefits?
Nowadays its almost impossible to get 800 Rep online or get a call back almost past MidNite...
Recently we consolidated @Fidelity and Rep suggested Separately Managed A/c SMA,
with Bond ladder at a lower % fee rate than their NTF Mutual funds network.
Any Pros or Cons that you may know of or can share?
Anyone has any info /comment, please.

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Re: TurboTax Premier free on Fidelity

Typically PCG clients have $1M+ in investable assets. You get a dedicated account guy/gal who gives you free consultations. I've found my guy to be good at double-checking my plans including portfolio checkups, tax planning/harvesting, estate planning, etc. I'm not sold to nor has my guy recommended anything specific to buy (not allowed to). So I use this resource as needed to help me self manage. No cost to me.

Fidelity does prioritize PCG customers at their call centers. I have gotten through to their reps much more quickly than average. I contrast that with Vanguard, who have much lower response times. Their reps also seem more knowledgeable than Vanguard. For that reason, I more-or-less only hold Admiral shares at Vanguard since you can't buy them anywhere else.

I'm not into bonds and only hold bond ETFs. I'm very heavy into equities only and "dry powder" cash.


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