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Trading questions

I have an account with Fidelity and have questions about trading. Most of my trading in the past has been in the off hours when I was home from work. How does it work if you trade during the day .... what price are you buying or selling at, and is is immediate at that exact moment? When you trade in the off hours, do you trade at the opening price the next day?

Also where do I go to find out what the price is on a particular fund at any given time. I do not have a paid Morningstar account, only the free one. 

Thanks, Jody


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Re: Trading questions

You probably use limit-orders in thin pre/after-hours, and they work the same way in regular hours. Market-orders execute almost instantaneously.

At most brokers, default trading screen is for regular trading hours even when you enter orders in off hours, so you have to click pre/after-market tab for off hours trading [for others - prior approval is required for that capability].

For mutual funds, you get only 4pm market-close price and that is unknown ahead. But you can try to guess those from similar ETFs or indexes. For most mutual funds, you can enter order minutes before the market close but some brokers may have earlier cutoffs.

ETFs trade just like stocks during regular hours.

Most people trade in regular hours and are unfamiliar [and/or don't have prior approval] with thin pre/after-hour trading. You have the reverse situation.

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