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Change Your Avatar

Customizing your avatar is a great way to distinguish yourself from other members of the community. Your avatar appears on your profile page and on all your posts and replies, so choose an image you really like! You can select one of our stock avatars or upload your own.

To change your avatar, do the following:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click your current avatar, then select My settings. The My settings page opens.


  2. On the My settings page, click Avatars.
  3. Choose a pre-built avatar or click Upload an Avatar to use your own image. A new window opens.


  4. In the new window, click Browse. The Open dialog box opens.


  5. In the Open dialog box, navigate to the image you want to use, then click Open. The Open dialog box closes.


  6. Back in the window, click Save.
  7. Next, you are prompted to crop the image for your main avatar. Crop the image you selected, then click Save and Continue.

    Note: A small preview appears to the right, showing how your cropped image will appear in the community.


  8. Lastly, you are prompted to crop the image for your message thumbnail. Crop the image, then click Save.


With that, you're done! You can change your avatar again at any time from the My settings page.