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Badges and Ranks FAQ

What are badges?

Badges are a way to recognize your participation in the Morningstar Community.

How do I earn badges?

Badges are awarded automatically based on actions like giving kudos to fellow community members' posts or submitting accepted solutions to questions. You can see all available badges and their descriptions by clicking View all badges from your user profile.


What are ranks?

Like badges, ranks are a fun way to incentivize participation in the Morningstar Community. They also serve to distinguish community members who make quality contributions.

Is there a list of user ranks?

New Member


Follower ○

Follower ○○

Follower ○○○

Explorer ○

Explorer ○○

Explorer ○○○

Participant ○

Participant ○○

Participant ○○○

Collaborator ○

Collaborator ○○

Collaborator ○○○

Valued Contributor

How do I move up the ranks?

Like badges, ranks are based on activity in the community, so the key to earning a higher rank is participation.


Why do some users have ranks not listed above?

Morningstar employees are given different ranks based on their roles in the Morningstar Community or at the company. You will also see a special rank icon rankicon.gif next to their name to let you know they are a Morningstar employee.